About Us

At Allay Senior Home Care, your loved ones and you are treated like our families.  We understand how taxing it can be whether you are providing care for a family member or how difficult it is to entrust a stranger to care for a family member.  Our goal is to provide the relief our clients and their families need during this time.  We take pride in the care we provide by promoting independence and continuous development of our clients and maintaining their dignity through compassion and attentiveness.

We strive each and every day to ensure that our clients are comfortable in the hands of our caregivers.  Their families can have peace of mind and enjoy a little down time while their loved ones are cared for by our team.  Our team will work closely with our clients and families every step of the way during this process.  We’ll make sure that it is seamless and stress free for everyone from assessment to care plan development and finally meeting your caregiver for the first time.  A member of our management team will be there with your caregiver to make a formal introduction and review the care plan together.

We’ll make sure that everyone is comfortable before our clients and their caregivers are left alone to get acquainted.  Lastly, we’ll conduct regular reviews with all parties to determine if adjustments to the care plan are necessary.

We are a company that listens to your needs and puts you and your family first when it comes to offering the care you need.  We’ll work compassionately and attentively to maintain your dignity and quality of life each and every day.



Our goal is to provide care to our clients and offer relief for their families in a time of need. We work compassionately and attentively to maintain our clients’ dignity and quality of life.



To be the best home care provider for our clients by embodying  our L.I.V.E. principles on a daily basis both with our clients and team members.



Our values are rooted in love, inspiration, empowerment, accountability, continuous learning, compassion, attentiveness, and professionalism.